Solving the unique cybersecurity challenges facing MSPs

Handling the complexities of protecting an organisation is tough. So imagine doing just that, for hundreds of organisations! That's the task facing managed service providers (MSPs) ­– and the subject of this episode.

20 September 2022 . 00:18:03

Powerful payments technology solving tech debt

We talk about a payment service provider capable of extending traditional banks' services quickly, and reaching the world's unbanked and underbanked, with Euronet.

16 September 2022 . 00:22:49

Meeting challenges in logistics: automation and systems, part two

Part two of our European supply chain series. When Operations Managers look for savings, where to begin the automation journey? We talk robots and much more with Dematic.

13 September 2022 . 00:10:28

Meeting challenges in logistics: automation and systems, part one

The European supply chain sector has very specific challenges. So, when Operations Managers are looking for cost savings and efficiency gains, they need on-the-ground, local partners with extensive knowledge and experience in the market.

13 September 2022 . 00:11:52

Automating the UK's supply chain – part two

So you've decided to save costs with automation. What are the practical steps you need to take? And where do you look first for the best places to roll out automatic systems?

12 September 2022 . 00:12:39

Automating the UK's supply chain – part one

It could be automated software processes in the back office, or a fleet of robots in the warehouse, automation in supply chains means different things to different companies. We talk automata and software with Dematic.

12 September 2022 . 00:15:04

Why Unified Observability is imperative for quality user experiences

Correlating network activity and customer experience is the next logical step for businesses looking to out-shine the competition.

6 September 2022 . 00:26:02

Powering an intelligent digital backbone for commercial real estate with essensys

Increased demand for a digital-first experience in the office sector requires the right technology foundation – introducing essensy

23 August 2022 . 00:17:50

Making backups a coherent strategy for fast recovery

If a cyber breach is inevitable, how are you going to recover from it? We talk to industry expert Brian Spanswick about all things disaster recovery, business continuity and backing up.

19 August 2022 . 00:22:51