Not the end-of-life for Linux and open-source

In conversation with SUSE about continuing innovation and improvements to enterprise operating systems and software.

21 February 2024 . 00:26:43

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 56
This podcast is produced in conjunction with SUSE.

The Linux operating system and open-source software run much of the world’s digital infrastructure. Its unusual business model is based on value-added service agreements comprising support, maintenance, security, and bug fixes.

In 2024, many organizations using open-source software have been impacted by decisions by vendors to effectively prevent access to source code and sudden changes in end-of-life schedules on which businesses rely to prioritize spending.

This episode of the Tech Means Business podcast talks to Vishal Ghariwala of SUSE (one of the leading enterprise software supply and development companies) about the state of open-source in 2024. What alternatives are there for companies looking at the approaching end of support for their essential, business-critical software?

Vishal is the Director and CTO at SUSE for the Asia-Pacific region and brings his experience from a lifetime in open-source to the table. We talk about byte-for-byte compatibility between different brands’ offerings, the spirit of innovation that comes from collectivism, and how software developed and freely distributed marries with traditional financial models.

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