The network's new shape in 2021, with Cisco Secure

In this episode, we're joined by Kerry Singleton of Cisco to talk about protecting yourself, your family, and your organization.

14 December 2020 . 00:13:01

ARMing the low-power data center

In conversation with Chris Bergey, VP of Infrastructure Line of Business at ARM Holdings, with whom Joe discusses the ARM future in data centers, routers, washing machines and maybe even a computer or two.

2 December 2020 . 00:27:09

Talking, listening and transforming: Conversational AI by Nuance

In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk about conversational AI, the logical next step to the pioneering technology of voice recognition and speech to text.

11 November 2020 . 00:25:17

Data access and privacy as human rights

Someone's got to teach the world's governments about the pros and cons of digitization, the dangers of loss of privacy, and the best legal frameworks. Step forward, Mr. Menon, of Cisco, ASEAN!

28 October 2020 . 00:34:52

Tracking without prejudice: IIoT on the shop floor

Manufacturing, engineering and retail: the internet of things is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in some verticals, while lagging in others. This episode talks to WISER Systems about its 3D tracking solution; a perfect example of effective IIoT.

13 October 2020 . 00:31:31

Business insights from smart monitoring? AppDynamics joins the dots

Mapping complex IT systems is one thing, but how to translate what you find into how to improve the business? That's quite another. But AppDynamics can show us the way.

1 October 2020 . 00:35:05

Open-source specific in Asia-Pacific

Red Hat is making new friends all over, like in the financial sector in the APAC. We talk open methodologies with Ben Henshall.

23 September 2020 . 00:33:53

Money's the root of much technology

Who better to talk to us about electronic payments, cards, cash, cryptocurrency and cash-on-delivery than Ben Gilbey from Mastercard?

9 September 2020 . 00:31:05

The internet is out of (your) control

Applications at a crawl may not be down to anything you've done wrong, we learn.

26 August 2020 . 0:27:47

Machines have identities, too

With over 50 percent of internet traffic now comprising API calls, shouldn't we think harder about machine identity?

17 August 2020 . 0:34:22