Leading Wipro from the front: Sarah Adam-Gedge

How does a company with a broad reach of IT and consultative ability bring laser-focus to its clients' needs? We ask Sarah Adam-Gedge, Managing Director Wipro Australia and New Zealand.

8 December 2021 . 00:27:29

Zero-Trust, from the cloud to a secured endpoint near you: Duo Security

We're talking about zero-trust in cybersecurity with something of an old hand: Mr. Dave Lewis, of Duo Security, now Cisco Systems.

6 December 2021 . 00:27:09

Cybersecurity and the tip of the ransomware iceberg, with Sophos

The specter of ransomware haunts businesses all across the world. We talk to Sophos' Aaron Bugler about cybersecurity.

8 October 2021 . 00:24:52

IIoT and Containers in Edge Environments, with SUSE

Why containers and cloud-first technology are just the ticket for edge computing, in industries of all types. We talk to SUSE's Vishal Ghariwala.

30 September 2021 . 00:20:56

The Virtual Desktop Industry of Mark B. Templeton

The career of Mark Templeton tracks the progress of virtualization. We talk the history, the present, and the future of all things abstracted.

8 September 2021 . 00:36:18

SUSE and the business of containers

Open-source giant SUSE is leading the pack in the advancement of microservices. We get the inside track on the open-source technology.

2 August 2021 . 00:22:13

Testing business resilience in 2021 with Interactive

Hybrid working, business continuity, resilience, cybersec and DR: we talk about keeping the show on the road, with Interactive.

15 July 2021 . 00:20:08

The SME and the SAP Business One Difference

German multinational provider of ERP software, SAP, has a specialist platform for the SME. We talk to user, reseller and supplier.

9 July 2021 . 00:18:23

McAfee's device-to-cloud cybersecurity method

Home office, workplace, cloud: that's one big attack surface. We talk cybersec with McAfee.

30 June 2021 . 00:19:41

Seven's Samurai VPN

In this episode, we talk to British-born Dr. Steven Waterhouse, the founder of Orchid VPN, a next-gen privacy tool.

15 June 2021 . 00:25:26