Playing the game: sports tech with Fantastec

Technology and sports are natural bedfellows, despite the image of an average desk-bound geek. We talk bleeding-edge sports tech with Fantastec.

29 April 2021 . 00:18:16

Technology's carbon footprint

Putting the sustainability of the technology we use in the spotlight, with Gunnar Menzel of CapGemini.

3 April 2021 . 00:16:16

Talking Software-Defined Networking with Nuage Networks

Connectivity in 2021 is all about abstraction in software. We talk with the field's leading proponents, and a big user of the tech too.

19 March 2021 . 00:15:08

How to manage the IoT revolution

IoT devices are pretty simple, but when there are thousands of them, the challenges mount up. How can Pelion help manage all the SoC goodness?

5 March 2021 . 00:16:09

Putting AI into IT Operations in 2021

In conversation with Jayanti Murty of Digitate about selling AI into IT teams.

22 February 2021 . 00:19:56

The cloud's been Replicated on-premise

Want all that cloud-y goodness on-premise? Perhaps your apps should be Replicated.

5 February 2021 . 00:34:25

Making tech TapSimple for charities

We're looking at electronic payment facilities designed just for the charity sector.

22 January 2021 . 00:18:48

The network's new shape in 2021, with Cisco Secure

In this episode, we're joined by Kerry Singleton of Cisco to talk about protecting yourself, your family, and your organization.

14 December 2020 . 00:13:01

ARMing the low-power data center

In conversation with Chris Bergey, VP of Infrastructure Line of Business at ARM Holdings, with whom Joe discusses the ARM future in data centers, routers, washing machines and maybe even a computer or two.

2 December 2020 . 00:27:09

Talking, listening and transforming: Conversational AI by Nuance

In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk about conversational AI, the logical next step to the pioneering technology of voice recognition and speech to text.

11 November 2020 . 00:25:17