The view from the top of DocuSign

Talking about transitioning from the original concept of the paperless office, to the contract and agreement cloud, with Kirsten Wolberg, CTO, DocuSign.

11 June 2020 . 00:30:11

Ubuntu Core, IoT and systems-on-(ARM)-chips

Two top blokes from Canonical, Loic Minier & Galem Kayo, talk IIoT, system on chip and embedded Linux for all things Internet-of-Things.

3 June 2020 . 00:29:05

Positivity, Linux, FOSS and potting sheds

We talk to the founder and CTO of The Positive Internet Company, Nick Mailer, about how decisions made when starting out seem to have paid off.

11 May 2020 . 00:24:44

Business process automation and RPA

BPM notation, development and process automation are all integral parts of enterprise IT today. Jakob Freund of Camunda talks to Tech Means Business.

30 April 2020 . 00:26:19

Connectivity and the future of APIs

Connecting instances of software and hardware is a critical part of technology's continuing value. The possibilities, however, are just about endless, Uri Sarid, CTO of MuleSoft tells us.

22 April 2020 . 00:22:20

Postgres, open-source, monetization & community

How do you make money on top of an open-source database, and remain "true" to the community-based nature of the project? We speak to Marc Linster of EnterpriseDB, whose company does just that.

15 April 2020 . 00:29:48

AI in cybersecurity, with Darktrace and Antigena

With bad actors having access to badness-as-a-service, the dark web and an environment when anyone can be a script kiddie, what hopes do cybersecurity teams have? Is AI the answer?

27 March 2020 . 00:24:55

Technology in Education with Henry DeVries

What are the specific challenges for technology provision in the education and higher-ed sectors? Henry DeVries shares his insights with us.

27 March 2020 . 00:26:09

Splunk's James Hodge

How can organizations (of any size) make sense of the "big data" at their disposal? Perhaps James Hodge of Splunk can help us here…

25 February 2020 . 00:26:02