Open-source specific in Asia-Pacific

Red Hat is making new friends all over, like in the financial sector in the APAC. We talk open methodologies with Ben Henshall.

23 September 2020 . 00:33:53

Money's the root of much technology

Who better to talk to us about electronic payments, cards, cash, cryptocurrency and cash-on-delivery than Ben Gilbey from Mastercard?

9 September 2020 . 00:31:05

The internet is out of (your) control

Applications at a crawl may not be down to anything you've done wrong, we learn.

26 August 2020 . 0:27:47

Machines have identities, too

With over 50 percent of internet traffic now comprising API calls, shouldn't we think harder about machine identity?

17 August 2020 . 0:34:22

Learning to love learning at work

Why does learning and continuous development in the workplace have to be a chore? And why is it, for some?

4 August 2020 . 0:35:56

The Business of Free Software: Red Hat

We speak exclusively to one of the world's leading technologists in business today.

28 July 2020 . 0:29:49

Best of Series 1

The big roundup of some of the strands of Series One, with a look forward to Series Two

10 July 2020 . 00:19:23

Coming soon: series 2

As series one draws to a close, we announce a Best-Of episode due in a few days, and series two's commencment, soon.

1 July 2020 . 00:01:20

The view from the top of DocuSign

Talking about transitioning from the original concept of the paperless office, to the contract and agreement cloud, with Kirsten Wolberg, CTO, DocuSign.

11 June 2020 . 00:30:11

Ubuntu Core, IoT and systems-on-(ARM)-chips

Two top blokes from Canonical, Loic Minier & Galem Kayo, talk IIoT, system on chip and embedded Linux for all things Internet-of-Things.

3 June 2020 . 00:29:05