Automate and optimise for MSP and Support Desk success

Increasing security threats and customer expectations, plus staff sortages, don’t make the best recipe for MSPs and support teams in the enterprise. We look at the state of IT support in 2024.

20 February 2024 . 00:27:35

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 55
This podcast is produced in conjunction with NinjaOne.

With staff shortages ever-present and expectations for quality support & security rising, what solutions to the myriad challenges are there for Managed Service Providers and support functions in the enterprise?

A new report from NinjaOne and Omdia looks at the pain points and outlooks for growth from decision-makers in the IT support space. In conversation with two executives from NinjaOne, the Tech Means Business podcast goes through some of the paper’s findings, and discusses its contents and implications.

NinjaOne is the APAC’s most forward-looking supplier of software and systems in the space, providing its clients with the tools they need to maintain security, solve problems, and keep on top of complex support structures for endpoints and end-users.

Can systems step in where staff shortages are most severe, and if so, where exactly, and how? The Tech Means Business podcast talks to Matt Law (Senior Product Marketing Manage) and MJ Robotham (Director of Sales, APAC) from NinjaOne.

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