Helping APAC's IT Support Companies: ConnectWise

 Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 58 This podcast is produced in conjunction with ConnectWise. The burden of responsibility placed on MSPs (managed service providers) is huge. They not only must keep all their clients’ IT systems running and secure, but they also have to be proactive in data governance, backups, cybersecurity and much... Read more »

27 June 2024 . 00:17:22

UCaaS's evolution takes communications centre stage

The quality of customer experience is built on the systems that underpin the organisation’s communication platform. We talk to RingCentral about how both CX and EX benefit from quality communications.

22 February 2024 . 00:23:07

Not the end-of-life for Linux and open-source

In conversation with SUSE about continuing innovation and improvements to enterprise operating systems and software.

21 February 2024 . 00:26:43

Automate and optimise for MSP and Support Desk success

Increasing security threats and customer expectations, plus staff sortages, don't make the best recipe for MSPs and support teams in the enterprise. We look at the state of IT support in 2024.

20 February 2024 . 00:27:35

Facing the Utility Challenge with Wipro

Utilities provide us with the essentials in life. And for better results, they partner with Wipro.

14 February 2024 . 00:35:37

Bridging the pay gap with data and know-how: ADP in Australia

Addressing the gender pay gap in Australia begins with a little data analysis, says Kylie Baullo from ADP. Discover the technology solutions for engendering equality in the workplace.

16 January 2024 . 00:22:25

In conversation with Chris Holmes MBE

Lord Holmes of Richmond is one of the few contemporary politicians who knows their technology. Join us in conversation with this UK member of the House of Lords.

19 December 2023 . 00:30:51

Unified Comms at the crest of the tech wave, with Zoom and IRESS

Zoom is a household name, but the extent of its offerings for organizations might surprise you. Join us to explore how Zoom's familiar interface elevates communication and collaboration via Zoom UCaaS and Zoom Phone, with user IRESS.

15 November 2023 . 00:24:51

NFI Industries and Original Software: delivering best-practice UAT

User Acceptance Testing: a critical phase in the development and evolution of any software. We talk to Original Software and its client, NFI Industries.

9 November 2023 . 00:21:02

Protecting Operational Technology with zero-trust

Many instances of operational technology come with insufficient security and few update mechanisms. We talk to Delinea about IIoT security.

11 September 2023 . 00:18:54