The UK's Public Sector Search for Value in the Cloud

At a time when the public sector is facing reduced income, the cloud offers significant value-for-money for cash-strapped IT departments. We talk to Wipro about how it's empowering the sector through its broad portfolio of services.

31 January 2023 . 00:32:22

Boarding the Privilege Plane: BeyondTrust in the Clouds

All about zero-trust working in cloud environments, with detailed discussion on privilege management for 2023 and the future. With BeyondTrust.

19 January 2023 . 00:20:30

Marketplaces and Matters of Trust

With Eran Tal from Payoneer about the web of trust needed in marketplaces online, and how it's created through tech.

12 January 2023 . 00:25:36

Is privilege brokering broken? Cloud security management in 2023

How should we be re-evaluating cybersecurity in our new, cloud-centric reality of everyday work? Legacy tools don't cut it, but then, neither do old approaches. We tackle the hybrid IT stack's protection in this episode, with Morey Haber from BeyondTrust.

21 December 2022 . 00:24:42

The Technology Challenges of Modern Retail

From a traditional brick-and-mortar store to an e-commerce website with millions of SKUs, today's retail environment is technology-driven and complex. In conversation with the retail tech enablers, Wipro.

21 December 2022 . 00:27:12

Communicating the Cybersecurity Message

From early VOIP pioneer to latter-day cybersecurity expertise, we chat to Consolidated Communications about baking in security.

21 November 2022 . 00:21:30

Decision making is the future of commercial AI

Can artificial intelligence work faster in business settings? Decision Intelligence is said to be the answer: where ML meets BI.

7 November 2022 . 00:20:41

The Importance of the Environment in Paperless Agreement Systems

Starting with the concept of the paperless office, how can companies accelerate their journeys to a more ecologically-sound future? We talk to DocuSign about their platforms that reduce paper use and much more.

2 November 2022 . 00:21:18

How MSPs manage cybersecurity safety at scale

MSP cyber security: the companies that look after multiple clients have to be on their A-game. We talk with ConnectWise.

20 October 2022 . 00:20:34

Giving full-stack observability its business mojo with AppDynamics

Making the change from simple networking monitoring to a business focus on full-stack observability. We talk CX from the sys admin's PoV with AppDynamics.

11 October 2022 . 00:23:08