Adding secure low-code to the developer's toolkit

Quickly iterative, secure and fully-compliant – low-code platforms are the new powertools for developers. We talk about reworking & expanding legacy code, creating new applications fast, and how to start out with OutSystems.

17 May 2023 . 00:22:49

Shopping around for cybersecurity partnerships

Security in retail used to be about store detectives and catching shoplifters. Now, criminals are online, and e-commerce needs very specific types of protection from bad actors. We talk to service provider Wipro.

11 May 2023 . 20:13

Safer digital public services in focus

With the economic downturn putting pressure on public services by users, the challenges to cybersecurity teams working in the sector are ramped up. We talk to Wipro about how IT can respond and provide open yet secure services.

11 May 2023 . 00:21:32

Equipping and running the green data center with AMD & Dell Technologies

Almost all business operations are underpinned by data center services. In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Dell and AMD about running greener DCs.

18 April 2023 . 00:21:28

Secure by Design: AMD and Dell in the DC

With much of our business data ending up in the cloud, this podcast looks at the ways that hardware manufacturers Dell and AMD are protecting information at a core level in today's data centers.

4 April 2023 . 00:16:58

Why CIOs Promote Paperless Agreements for Digital Transformation

A key area of digital transformation is agreement management. We chat to DocuSign.

13 March 2023 . 00:35:37

For the Many, One: MSP Cybersecurity Considered

Cybersecurity software and methods specific to the MSP (managed service provider) are what's considered in this episode, with Leon Friend of ConnectWise.

17 February 2023 . 00:14:43

Access to data value for developers and the business, with Tinybird

Querying real-time data, at scale, in seconds. Build APIs onto data resources fast: find out how in this podcast.

9 February 2023 . 00:27:43

Getting the Edge on Data Center Efficiency

In this episode we're looking at Dell's PowerEdge server range, the hardware designed for cloud, edge, and high-performance workloads like AI and machine learning.

7 February 2023 . 00:18:17

The MSP's Vital Role in Keeping the Internet Safe, with Kaspersky

A household name in cybersecurity offers a raft of protective services to MSPs. Malware and ransomware affect every size organization, and Kaspersky and its partners can help protect them all.

1 February 2023 . 00:21:18