The Technology Challenges of Modern Retail

From a traditional brick-and-mortar store to an e-commerce website with millions of SKUs, today’s retail environment is technology-driven and complex. In conversation with the retail tech enablers, Wipro.

21 December 2022 . 00:27:12

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 23
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Wipro.

Retail businesses involve a great deal more today than setting up premises and organizing wholesalers. The technology needed to run an omnichannel retail outfit has to be secure, powerful, reliable, and most of all, focused on quality customer experiences.

With shoppers today used to the “big label” quality of experience, smaller companies are facing significant challenges to raise their own standards to turn shoppers into brand advocates.

A company with a broad range of retail operations solutions is Wipro, a company whose AUS/NZ division we’ve featured before on the Tech Means Business podcast. Today we talk to Prabhu Ramaiah and Darren Gerry, the Director & Head of Retail, and UK and Europe Lead for Wipro Digital Interactive, respectively.

How can a retailer today scale and digitize without breaking the bank? And where to start? We talk solutions, industry trends, common and not-so-common approaches to the business of selling, and about the common pitfalls that await the unwary.

On the way, we talk about the D2C challenges faced by big brands, and the types of technologies that can drive change for the better in a retail business.

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