NFI Industries and Original Software: delivering best-practice UAT

User Acceptance Testing: a critical phase in the development and evolution of any software. We talk to Original Software and its client, NFI Industries.

9 November 2023 . 00:21:02

Protecting Operational Technology with zero-trust

Many instances of operational technology come with insufficient security and few update mechanisms. We talk to Delinea about IIoT security.

11 September 2023 . 00:18:54

Practical uses of AI in the enterprise business: BMC Connect events

We talk about the APAC event where the business decision-makers of the region can learn about AI on established platforms.

8 September 2023 . 00:21:59

Moving goods from E for Excel to T for technology

International trade is a tough nut to crack from a logistics point of view. In this podcast we learn how companies can move on from scraps of paper and a dozen Excel documents with the latest logistics technology.

31 August 2023 . 00:29:25

Future-proofing your business with secure IT practices

Docusign and Okta’s perspective on digital safety, with specific reference to person and machine identity’s role in protecting agreements, documents, and digital workflows.

30 August 2023 . 00:19:55

Getting behind the business of the growing MSP

Learn how the business processes of running an MSP can be made more efficient and automated, pivoting the business to a strategic partner in its clients' businesses. Podcast with ConnectWise.

24 August 2023 .

Value the brand? Value the contact center!

The customer experience and the employer experience come together in the brand’s contact center, where customers are greeted and interacted with in the best possible ways. We talk to CIRRUS’ Jason Roos about maintaining the best balance.

11 July 2023 . 00:33:37

Protecting the public sector with PAM and zero-trust

Cybersecurity in the public sector, leveraging PAM, zero-trust and more. With Nigel Tan of Delinea.

26 June 2023 . 00:22:34

Agents of change: the elements of high-flying CX

Even with the best omnichannel contact center in the world, there's more to building great customer experience. In this episode, we hear from the industry body driving up CX standards.

26 June 2023 .

Managing Risk with your Managed Service Provider

After the publication of the ACSC's Essential Eight, how should organisations react? Risk is an everyday occurrence for any company online, and we discuss the best responses with ConnectWise's Leon Friend.

21 June 2023 . 00:17:17