Seeing Money 20/20

Roll whatever dice you need to, but head to Vegas this October.
14 June 2023

What happens in Vegas…can be spread throughout your fintech business.

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• Money 20/20 has a huge number of fintech firms attending.
• It has curated streams, so every type of fintech professionals gets value.
• And it has must-see companies that are driving fintech world.

Fintech is sometimes a fickle industry. It can find itself swayed one way or the other, depending on how the world changes, how technology changes, and how the state of the world’s finances change from season to season, and quarter to quarter. That’s why, from time to time, fintech needs a stabilizing influence – and there are few more stabilizing, or exciting, than the Money 20/20 conferences.

The next event in the Money 20/20 series is taking place in Las Vegas – surely the home of all fintech. After all, what is a roulette wheel or a slot machine if not some of the world’s earliest technology for dealing with the redistribution of finance?

But to make sure your fintech investment is less of a gamble, between October 22-25, 2023, Money 20/20 in Las Vegas will bring together over 11,500 fintech industry leaders, over 3000 leading companies, over 250 expert speakers and 7 constantly active content stages.

That’s more high-quality fintech talk and connection than any one mind can handle over three days. But, like a Man Vs. Fintech challenge – we encourage you to try. After all, the more you experience, the more likely it is that your business and your bottom line will thrive.

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Money 20/20 – all the fintech you need.

Curated streams.

And while size may not be everything, it’s certainly true that an event as big and as packed with content as Money 20/20 can be intimidating if you’re not sure quite what you want to get out of it.

That’s why the conference has curated groupings and experiences, to help you squeeze the most value out of your three days in Vegas as you possibly can. If it’s your first Money 20/20 event, there are solo packages that can help point you in all the right directions, so you don’t lose time wandering around in awe – this is Vegas, after all.

If you have a fintech startup, you have a special thread of your own, to help you accelerate your business in the fintech sector faster.

The “Do Better Together” commitment at Money 20/20 has curated experiences for female and non-binary future fintech stars – look for the RiseUp thread, and you’ll find community, shared experiences, and the right people to help you build on what you have. Whereas black fintech entrepreneurs, and fintech operators from underrepresented groups are covered in the Amplify thread.

And if you’re keen to meet other fintech people like yourself in concentrated moments of connection, look out for MeetUps – 45-minute one-to-one sessions that let you exchange ideas, details, and ways to change the fintech world. There are MeetUp sessions for AML, LGBTQIA+, partnerships, sustainability, crypto, women in fintech, fraud, and more, meaning whatever aspect of fintech you’re in, the chances are there’s a MeetUp from which you can benefit.

Keynote speeches have already been announced from FIS president and chief executive, Stephanie Ferris, and Michael J. Hsu, acting comptroller of the currency – with more to come between now and October.

But apart from the curated threads and the top-level keynotes, one of the biggest reasons to attend Money 20/20 is to introduce yourself to some of the wave-makers and the headline-makers of the fintech world.

Some of the players to watch at Money 20/20.


One of fintech’s biggest concerns right now is also one of the world’s biggest concerns – forcing down carbon emissions before all the fintech in the world is meaningless as climate change engulfs us all.

Cogo is driving the pace in decarbonizing the banking and business worlds, particularly through its carbon management plans. If you’re in fintech – and especially if you’re in the banking sector, it would be a mistake to miss the opportunity to talk to Cogo about those plans, and how your business could benefit, both on the bottom line, and in terms of good planetary stewardship.


Another huge driver of business security these days is identity verification and management. Which means you’re losing out if you don’t reach out to Veridas at Money 20/20.

Using 100% proprietary solutions and spanning both the digital and the physical environment, Veridas makes the complex (and frequently tedious) business of verification and authentication straightforward and comprehensive at one and the same time.

With verification increasingly the subject of intense interest by regulators, you need to address the issue sooner rather than later. Why miss the chance to address it with Veridas in Vegas?

LHV Bank

Riding high off the back of its gaining of a banking license in the UK, LHV Bank is a leading supplier of finance and banking services to the SME sector.

It’s also dedicated to continually evolving its fintech, so as to incrementally improve its services for clients and customers – at a time when neobanks are struggling, and standard traditional banks are often waiting to see what happens in the economy before committing themselves to investing in improvements.

Slow and steady is a policy that’s bringing dividends for LHV, so why not check them out and see what you can learn from it in Vegas.


Talking about non-traditional fintech, if you’re going to Money 20/20, don’t miss the chance to check out Copper.Co – masters of digital assets, and blockchain wizards.

2022 was, to put it mildly, an unfortunate year for cryptocurrency exchanges – from mega-hacks to complete collapses. Copper.Co is leading the charge in allowing users to trade without moving their assets to, or through, an exchange, to secure any transactions against the identified risks that exchanges have been show to possess.

If you’re into Web3, DeFi, digital assets or cryptocurrency, check out Copper.Co at Money 20/20.


Fraud is the triumph of nefarious players over all the rules of the fintech game. As such it’s the enemy of the whole sector.

Enter Ekata, a subsidiary of Mastercard, delivering cutting-edge identity verification to protect the foundations of the digital economy.

With systems dedicated to reducing financial risk and avoiding lost revenue, Ekata is a must-visit at Money 20/20.

And while preparation and planning for Money 20/20 at Vegas is already ramping up, with some curated streams taking applications from June onward, if you absolutely can’t make it to Vegas, it’s not the end of the world – because Money 20/20 has two further conferences in 2024, one in Bangkok, Asia in April, and one in Amsterdam, Europe, in June.

For right now though, focus on Vegas – the super early bird booking discount has just over a week to run, so save yourself $700 of worm and get yourself and your business booked in.

Money 20/20 – it’s the only way to see the whole of the fintech industry clearly.