The most effective leaders are social leaders

You may think that social media and your business should be left to the marketing team. But that's not true.
24 September 2018

Are you an active leader on social media? Source: Shutterstock

If you’re like many business leaders, you probably find it hard to find the time for social media. You may view social media as far less important than a number of other things.

But viewing social media as just an option can be a big mistake. Being a leader with an active presence on social media reaps wonderful benefits, which ultimately will benefit your business. Here’s why.

Position yourself and your company as experts

As leaders, we want our organizations to be seen as the experts in the field. Many professionals already make attempts to establish this reputations by speaking at events, writing reports and whitepapers, and more.

One way you can elevate this activity is through sharing this content on social media. Your content will reach a far wider audience, further positioning you as a thought-leader.

According to one report by Brandfog, 82 percent of people believe that executive-level engagement on social media demonstrates industry expertise and leadership.

With this in mind, it’s time to start sharing your expertise with others. LinkedIn is a great place to start as the number one social media platform for business professionals.

If you have a couple of spare hours over the weekend or during your commute to meetings, why not try publishing LinkedIn blogs? Writing engaging content on the platform can get you some pretty impressive exposure. Some stats show that every five likes on a Linkedin blog post will get you in front of around 2,000 people!

Build trust with others

According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in leaders has fallen to an all-time low. And in today’s always-on social media age, leaders have been put under the spotlight with their actions picked apart on a daily basis.

While social media has led to the increased scrutiny of leaders, effective use of the platforms can actually help you build trust with your audience.

According to one report, of respondents, 80 percent reported being more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team were active on social media channels.

Interacting with your audience on social media establishes yourself as an actual human, giving your business that little bit more transparency and trustworthiness.

Boost your recruitment efforts

With talent being the lifeblood of any organization, establishing the very best recruitment strategy is a must.

An increasing number of job seekers are using social media to find their next job. According to one report, 48 percent of candidates used social media when searching for their most recent one.

Having a presence on social therefore, should be a key aspect of your recruitment strategy. The same report found that 69 percent of active candidates are more likely to apply for a job at a company which manages its employer brand on social media.

You should use your social media channels to position yourself as an employer who is digitally savvy and one who has their finger very much on the pulse. Furthermore, you can use these platforms to show potential candidates that you are an approachable employer who engages with their employers and community.

Don’t be afraid to post some behind the scenes insights of day-to-day life at the office. For example, share images, videos, write a blog post about why your company is a great place to work- all of these will go a long way in attracting the best talent.