Brand marketing: The power of the podcast

Today's generation are consuming podcasts at an increasing rate. As such, for businesses, it may be time to consider implementing an audio content strategy in your marketing.
1 May 2018

How can podcasts benefit your marketing strategy? Source: Shutterstock

When it comes to marketing, content truly is king. For businesses, the need to create compelling content in the form of online blogs, social media posts, video content, and more, is becoming a vital part of their marketing strategy. But recently, we have seen the increase in a new marketing channel: the use of podcasts.

According to research, 24 percent of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. Moreover, Statista has estimated that by 2021, there will be over 100 million podcast listeners in the United States alone.

Why are podcasts gaining popularity?

One of the main reasons as to why podcasts are becoming more and more popular is down to the shift to mobile.

With consumers showing a digital consumption preference to mobile, as well as search engines changing their algorithms to give mobile priority, it is becoming crucial for businesses to focus on optimizing their content for mobile platforms.

As consumers become increasingly reliant on mobile, the ability to access, download, and listen to podcasts has become easier than ever- be it on your daily commute, on a run, or part of your nighttime routine.

24 percent of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. Source: Shutterstock

Another reason fueling the popularity of podcasts is the finding that today’s generation is busier than ever. People are finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to grab a book or watch their favorite TV programme without distraction. Podcasts, however, present users the opportunity to listen while carrying out their daily routine.

In addition to the growth in mobile allowing users easier access to podcasts, it is also now easier than ever before to create podcasts.

The equipment needed to produce high-quality content is easily accessible for individuals at an affordable price tag. Additionally, there is a whole ocean of podcast hosting companies to help your content be heard.

How to leverage podcasts into your marketing strategy

So, we’ve covered why podcasts are becoming such a popular platform amongst digital consumers- but why should your business care?!

While it may not seem like your typical marketing tool, podcasts can help your business build brand recognition. With the potential to reach an abundance of listeners, podcasts offer a brilliant opportunity to create conversations relating to your industry, allowing you to become a thought-leader in your particular niche.

While blog posts are also undoubtedly valuable pieces of content, podcasts are perhaps an easier way of presenting this information in a more engaging, and conversation-inspiring platform.

Tips on getting started

With the global proliferation of smartphones paired with the ever-growing audience of podcast-listeners, now is a better time than ever to capitalize on this trend as a valuable marketing tool. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to get started:

1.Invest in quality equipment

Fortunately, we live in a digital age where good-quality equipment is easier to access and more affordable than ever. As such, businesses really have no excuse for creating podcasts than lack quality. A poorly created podcast may deter your audience from tuning in to the next podcast.

Invest in some good quality recording equipment. Source: Shutterstock

2. Create compelling content

Before getting the tape rolling, it is important to spend a good chunk of your time on planning and research. In order to get optimum engagement, you want to create content that is educational, entertaining, and relevant to your audience interests.

Listen to the needs and wants of your audience and answer it in a podcast. A good idea is to create a Facebook page where you can ask your audience for feedback about your show, including what they would like to hear and what you can improve on. Delivering content that your audience desire will be sure to see your views rise.

Furthermore, as well as providing your own thoughts and opinions on a topic, invite guest experts to join the conversation. As well as providing valuable insights, the experts can promote this content to their followers, widening reach and engagement.

3. Pick a relevant platform to host on

In order to get your podcast heard, you need a hosting platform. There are a huge variety of podcast platforms available out there, but it is important to choose the best one to suit your business in order to maximize engagement.

Find a platform which is most relevant to your industry and so is more likely to attract consumers who will be interested in your content.

Many platforms differ in costs and the features they include, so take your time when making this decision.

It’s time to tune into the trend!

It is clear that podcasting is becoming a popular marketing strategy in the business world. As the trend continues to grow, your brand should consider leveraging the platform as a way to reach an ever-growing audience and stand out from the crowd.