The benefits of blogging for your business

Creating a blog with fresh, engaging, industry-oriented content will bring many benefits to your business including increased traffic, deeper customer connections, and increasing conversion rates.
30 March 2018

A good business blog is a great way to enhance customer engagement. Source: Shutterstock

B logging has come a long way since it first surfaced on the web. Originally, blogs were a platform for individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others, mainly to a minimal following consisting mainly of family and friends. In essence, it was the social media before social media.

Today, blogging has grown into so much more. Many people are reaping the benefits that come along with owning a successful blog; whether it’s travel bloggers sharing their globe-trotting experiences with thousands of eager-eyed “wanderlusters” or fitness fanatics promoting the lastest protein shake.

But what about blogging for businesses? Investing time in creating high-quality blog content can be a powerful tool in growing your brand for many reasons. This article will consider five of the top benefits of blogging for your business.

Increased website traffic

Blogging can be an ideal way to significantly raise the amount of traffic your website receives. By creating compelling content for your audience, you will entice them to visit your page and to keep returning.

But, in order for your posts to receive the attention it so rightly deserves, it is imperative to post your blogs across your social media platforms in order to drive traffic back to your site.

Blogging can be an ideal way to increase the amount of traffic your website receives. Source: Shutterstock

Having a good social media strategy is everything. Ensure your posts include the correct links to your blog articles along with visually engaging visuals to attract followers to click through to your blog.

As well as this, ensure optimum reach by posting your blog posts in groups and forums where your target audience are likely to be members of, as well as utilizing the power of hashtags to further your reach.

SEO success!

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), blogging can be likened to fishing; the more hooks you propel into the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish. And much like fishing, as you populate your site with more content, an increased number of your web pages will become indexed in search engines. This, in turn, improves organic search visibility and thus increases website traffic.

Humanizes your brand

Blogging gives your brand an opportunity to show a more personal side of your business. Through your content, you can discuss issues that your target audience may feel strongly and concerned about, while also sharing what you and your employees are passionate about.

Blogs allow you to bring a bit of humor and humanity to your business. Source: Shutterstock

Simply put, people respond to people. By becoming a little more transparent and showing your audience the voices behind your brand, you will become more relatable, interesting and more importantly human.

Become an industry leader

Creating a blog is one of the best ways for you and your brand to establish yourself as an expert in your field. It gives you the chance to share valuable industry-related information and insights, showing your target audience your potential and knowledge in the field.

Becoming a leader in your niche will create trust and familiarity, increasingly the likelihood that your audience will turn to you for the information they seek. This also leads us on to the final point…

Blog reads will turn to conversion rates

A blog of high-quality content helps build brand trust and loyalty which, in turn, increases conversion rates. If your audience can see that you know your stuff, then they will be more likely to purchase your goods or services rather than a competitor.

According to Hubstop, the overall ROI of a business is also likely to witness an increase for those who jump on the blogging bandwagon. In fact, companies who put time and effort into blogging experience a 13X increase in ROI year after year.