Zero-Trust, from the cloud to a secured endpoint near you: Duo Security

We’re talking about zero-trust in cybersecurity with something of an old hand: Mr. Dave Lewis, of Duo Security, now Cisco Systems.

6 December 2021 . 00:27:09

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 28

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Duo Security.
As cyber criminals evolve their methods, a zero-trust framework can help prevent a goodly number of attacks by ensuring users, applications, and devices are allowed to even begin interacting with protected system. Then, after being admitted (with minimum privileges), the framework checks again and again, at every point of interaction, to make sure that no-one or nothing gets access to people and systems that are off limits.

One of the first companies to successfully offer zero trust architecture from the cloud was Duo Security, a company acquired by Cisco in 2018. Its CISO, Dave Lewis, talks to the Tech Means Business podcast about the zero-trust concept, and how it’s used to keep the systems on which we all rely to stay safe from prying (and avaricious) eyes.

From his high school days when he hacked his classmates for LOLs and ROFLMAOs, to the present day as Global Advisory CISO at Duo, Dave has been there, at the forefront of cyber defense. His entire career (save the first ten days or so) has been in cyber security, yet his enthusiasm for and contribution to the industry haven’t waned.

We talk about the accident of passwords’ emergence as the de facto standard for cyber protection to today’s systems of authentication based on granular definitions of trust, AKA access security: user to machine, user to user, and machine to machine.

Dave’s knowledge goes back to the days when modems warbled and trilled while handshaking and continues in this age of multi-cloud and the emergence of AI.

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