Making tech TapSimple for charities

We’re looking at electronic payment facilities designed just for the charity sector.

22 January 2021 . 00:18:48

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 13

In addition to the private and public sectors, there’s the charity sector. Giving to needy causes is getting easier online and in person, thanks to technology like TapSimple’s. In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Tom Montague, co-founder of the company.

After graduating in Bristol (Hybrid News Group’s home city), Tom started TapSimple with a friend and a friendly developer or two, quickly learning the ropes needed to run a complex online and electronic payment company.

From a handheld card reading device on which donations could be tapped, simply — thus the name — to a fully-featured online payment portal complete with presentation facilities and virtual attendance at fund-raising events, the TapSimple offering makes it easy to give to charity.

The company makes its money by a small levy on every donation, although most givers choose to cover the cost of that as they donate. Quick, simple, and trustworthy (like your host, Joe Green), TapSimple’s offerings are dragging the “third sector” into the 21st century at a time when charitable activities are needed most.

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