Automating the UK’s supply chain – part one

It could be automated software processes in the back office, or a fleet of robots in the warehouse, automation in supply chains means different things to different companies. We talk automata and software with Dematic.

12 September 2022 . 00:15:04

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 10
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Dematic.

Rising costs are making margins tighter in all manner of supply chain companies, especially in distribution and warehousing. Huge demand for services has also driven prices down, and companies are trying to out-compete one another in a market where alternative services are a mouse click (or screen tap) away. It’s here that automation technologies can help companies offer better CX to clients at lower price points.

But what do we mean by automation? The term can cover solutions that affect all types of business processes, from the warehouse floor to the financial back office and every point in between. Robotised systems can move goods inwards and outwards more efficiently, make better use of warehouse space and help companies build upwards rather than outwards. Alternatively, automating data flows between software point products (like payroll and time management software platforms, for instance) can also save costs by reducing repetitive, expensive processes.

Today’s guests on this episode of the Tech Means Business podcasts are experts in this particular space. Dematic operates globally but helps companies find solutions to their automation problems that are always pertinent to the locale. The UK distribution and warehousing sectors have very specific challenges that take an expert partner to help solve, and Dematic has relevant personnel, systems and technology.

We’re joined in this, the first of a two-parter, by Ian Abbott and Gunter van Deun, both long-term industry veterans. They bring deep knowledge of robotised and automated hardware & software to companies. Whether you’re looking for a wholesale modernisation programme or just a few “quick wins” to shave precious percentage points off operational costs, Dematic should be your first port of call.

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