Playing the game: sports tech with Fantastec

Technology and sports are natural bedfellows, despite the image of an average desk-bound geek. We talk bleeding-edge sports tech with Fantastec.

29 April 2021 . 00:18:16

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 19

Giant stadiums and local sports grounds all over the world lie empty with sports men and women competing to no audience at all, in most cases. Can tech save sport?

Steve Madincea of Fantastec thinks so. His company is behind a digital memorabilia trading platform that’s powered by blockchain, and he has plenty more projects at different stages of completion, too, with haptics, drones, IoT and plenty more playing their part.

Instead of rushing to the big sports federations and organizations (there’s plenty of money in professional sport), Steve looks first to the fans’ interests and passions as the starting point for all Fantastec does.

How can a Spurs fan in Beijing get involved in matches from the other side of the world? Can live cricket’s passionate fans a thousand miles from a match feel what someone sat at Lord’s cricket ground feels too?

Technology is ever-present in every nearly every area of life, so perhaps we need to concentrate more on the ways it can increase our enjoyment of sports, games, and competitive eSports.

The Fantastec trading app is on Google Play and the AppStore, and you can read more about some of the more experimental goings-on at Fantastec here.

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