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Increased demand for a digital-first experience in the office sector requires the right technology foundation – introducing essensy

23 August 2022 . 00:17:50

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 08

This podcast is produced in conjunction with essensys

It’s 2022. Today, we experience on-demand digital services in most areas of life, from where we work, to transportation, shopping, deliveries, and even government and health services. Small wonder, then, that the basic requirements of a modern office are so different from what they were even five years ago.

In today’s episode, we take a look at essensys, a technology that helps office landlords and flexible workspace operators or anyone with a stake in how a professional space is run to connect, control, and automate digital services – enabling seamless in-building digital experiences. Essensys lets office landlords and flexible workspace operators get the best return on their investments by removing complexity and automating error-prone, time-consuming common processes along the infrastructure stack. The platform also enables cross-portfolio customer mobility so their workplace users get the best experience they can.

Eric Schaffer of essensys joins us to talk about the way our workplaces are changing and technology enabling landlords and flexible workspace operators to cope with shifting demands.

Commercial real estate is under pressure at the moment, with a sea-change in all our working models. How can workspaces adapt for the future now they are less of a natural hub for commerce than they were pre-COVID? And does technology have some answers?

If you are struggling with managing your networks or looking for the right tech foundation to enable digital services within your office portfolio, essensys might be the solution for you.

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