How to manage the IoT revolution

IoT devices are pretty simple, but when there are thousands of them, the challenges mount up. How can Pelion help manage all the SoC goodness?

5 March 2021 . 00:16:09

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 16

IIoT (the industrial internet of things) is already changing the face of manufacturing, utilities and heavy industry. But here and in more white-collar settings, deploying even simple, system-on-chip devices is difficult at scale.

In this episode of Tech means Business, we talk to Hima Mukkamala, CEO of Pelion, a spin-off from the chip company that powers 99% of IoT, ARM. Hima talks to us about how industry is adopting and managing new fleets of devices.

IoT has the capability to change devices, machinery and entire environments: cheap and smart, it can sense, attenuate, control, trigger and report back on events and conditions from just about anywhere in the world, via any form of communication protocol you can think of.

If your idea of IoT is a Nest thermostat, this episode of TmB will open your mind to the possibilities.

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