Protecting the public sector with PAM and zero-trust

Cybersecurity in the public sector, leveraging PAM, zero-trust and more. With Nigel Tan of Delinea.

26 June 2023 . 00:22:34

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 43
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Delinea
Although the motives of cyber attackers may be slightly different from the point of view of security experts in the public sector, their methods tend not to be. But there are particular ways that organizations can protect themselves more thoroughly, and our guest on this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast knows most of them.

Nigel Tan, the APAC Director of Systems Engineering at Delinea has had a long and distinguished career in cybersecurity, and talks to us today about zero-trust and PAM (privileged access management) in the enterprise.

It’s becoming increasingly necessary to ensure a constant check is made on access to information and software, whether that’s in the cloud or on-premise. Additionally, “identities” are a concept applicable to both machines and people. A complicated situation, that many in cybersecurity teams are struggling to contend with.

Nigel guides us through the technical side of the issues in play, and we discuss best practice, current trends in hacker behavior, and the differences that need to be considered when protecting large, public sector organizations from bad actors.

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