Seven’s Samurai VPN

In this episode, we talk to British-born Dr. Steven Waterhouse, the founder of Orchid VPN, a next-gen privacy tool.

15 June 2021 . 00:25:26

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 20

In an internet environment that’s seen the deterioration of privacy over the last few years especially, there are various methods people and businesses can use to stop sensitive information being leeched away. Some of them — like setting up a VPN tunnel — are difficult to achieve in ways that are scalable and reliable.

This episode’s guest, Seven, is the Brit behind the Orchid VPN, a platform that aims to be easy to use, anonymous to fund, and make online privacy a given.

Seven (that’s Dr Steven Waterhouse, IRL) has had a career that’s taken him from the rowing for and studying at Cambridge University to Silicon Valley, where a series of successful business ventures have cemented his place in the tech scene.

In this podcast we talk about privacy, anonymization, blockchain, VPNs and government oversight. If your wardrobe doesn’t already contain a tinfoil hat (your host’s does), then you’ll be shopping for one by the time you’ve finished listening.

This podcast is best listened to on Chrome (that’s an internet privacy gag, right there).

Seven’s Orchid VPN can be found here:

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