Fireside Chat at NGINX SPRINT 2.1

This episode of the Tech Means Business podcast is an audio-only version of an event at the recent NGINX SPRINT 2.0.

17 December 2021 . 00:23:00

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 30

This podcast is produced in conjunction with NGINX.

From its earliest incarnations as the first serious challenger to the Apache web server, NGINX has become the go-to platform for modern applications, used for app management, API mediation, proxying, load-balancing, security, and more.

This podcast is the audio-only version of the fireside chat, hosted by our very own Joe Green, that preceded the APAC-focused virtual conference, SPRINT 2.1, an extension of the global Sprint 2.0 held in August. Guests were Rob Whiteley, General Manager of NGINX, Burzin Engineer, Co-founder and Chief Reliability Officer of PhonePe, and Sumit Malhorta, Chief Information Officer of Times Internet.

We covered topics like hardware vs. software load balancing, the company’s commitment to the FOSS core of NGINX, application deployment and the experiences guests had moving up for the paid tier, NGINX Plus. With today’s technology landscape dominated increasingly by containers (“the new VMs” – Rob Whiteley), service meshes, Kubernetes and secure application delivery, NGINX already underpins many of the world’s leading platforms.

Listen in to discover why and learn more about this important component in many of today’s business technology platforms, from home testing labs up to global enterprises.

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Rob Whiteley, General Manager of NGINX is here:

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Sumit Malhorta of Times Internet fame:

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