The MSP’s Vital Role in Keeping the Internet Safe, with Kaspersky

A household name in cybersecurity offers a raft of protective services to MSPs. Malware and ransomware affect every size organization, and Kaspersky and its partners can help protect them all.

1 February 2023 . 00:21:18

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 28
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Kaspersky

Until companies and organizations get large enough to run their own dedicated cybersecurity function, many use the services of an MSP (managed service provider) to help protect them from the increasing number of attacks that happen each year.

Getting external help certainly works in dynamic computing environments, where companies are changing between on-premise, multi-, and hybrid-cloud deployments. But some companies shy away from contacting so-called big-name cybersecurity providers, wrongly assuming that large, expert companies are not interested in helping the smaller business.

In the APAC and Australasia region, Kaspersky is happy to explode the myth: it’s here, especially that its expert services can be leveraged. As part of a larger digital transformation project, Kaspersky’s easy licensing models keep the MSP’s clients safe, drive cost efficiencies, and bring relief to organizations struggling to find specialized staff or with limited in-house resources.

Today’s guests are Bridget Huang and Tako Nijsson from Kaspersky. We discuss the why’s and wherefore’s of cybersecurity via a third party and the growing threat landscape facing any online business in the APAC and beyond.

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