For the Many, One: MSP Cybersecurity Considered

Cybersecurity software and methods specific to the MSP (managed service provider) are what’s considered in this episode, with Leon Friend of ConnectWise.

17 February 2023 . 00:14:43

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 31
This podcast is produced in conjunction with ConnectWise.

In light of the latest reports from the NCSC and ACSC (National [New Zealand] and Australian Cyber Security Centre) on best practice, companies and organisations in the region are looking to amend their everyday work processes. But many smaller outfits (think fewer than 100 people) have no dedicated IT team. In many cases, these will turn to their MSP (Managed Service Provider) for advice and, ultimately, protection from hackers and malware.

In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Leon Friend of ConnectWise, about the software and systems that his company provides to MSPs: dedicated security systems designed from the ground up for MSPs. With each of an MSP’s clients having specific requirements, configuring and managing mixed security provisions would be a nightmare with “normal” cybersecurity tools. Not so with the ConnectWise platform.

We cover some of the ACSC and NCSC’s recommendations and talk about going further: back up, sure, but what to back up? Multifactor authentication, great, but is SMS really secure?

Learn more about improving your organisation’s security posture in this episode of Tech Means Business.

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