Solving the unique cybersecurity challenges facing MSPs

Handling the complexities of protecting an organisation is tough. So imagine doing just that, for hundreds of organisations! That’s the task facing managed service providers (MSPs) ­– and the subject of this episode.

20 September 2022 . 00:18:03

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 16
This podcast is produced in conjunction with ConnectWise.

Many businesses today use the services of an MSP (managed service provider) to handle all the day-to-day IT needs of the company: provisioning email accounts, ensuring connectivity, setting up new clients, and so on. Many MSPs are also responsible for their clients’ cybersecurity – an increasingly important role given the rise in the prevalence of cyber attacks in the last few years.

But most cybersecurity measures are designed to protect a single business, not dozens, if not hundreds, of companies. Security tools specifically written for MSPs are thin on the ground, but fortunately, they do exist – including from our guest on this edition of the Tech Means Business podcast, ConnectWise.

Raffael Marty is the company’s General Manager for Cybersecurity, and we discuss how MSPs have unique experience in the cybersecurity field, working as they do with all manner of company types and sizes. We touch on the need for consolidated security reporting, the ability to apply specific protections for each client individually and how this can be done at scale.

ConnectWise is rapidly becoming the go-to place for MSP software across the board (billing, support ticket management, and so on), and with cybersecurity tools built for this type of one-to-many business, MSPs can ply their trade more safely.

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