Adding secure low-code to the developer’s toolkit

Quickly iterative, secure and fully-compliant – low-code platforms are the new powertools for developers. We talk about reworking & expanding legacy code, creating new applications fast, and how to start out with OutSystems.

17 May 2023 . 00:22:49

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 37
This podcast is produced in conjunction with OutSystems.

With the pressure on teams of developers to iterate quickly and bring projects to production status, low-code frameworks can be the difference between success and failure.

In this episode of Tech Means Business, we talk to Richard Davies, Director, Strategic Customers (APAC) of OutSystems, about how dev teams in the region can use low-code to produce secure and governance-compliant code that’s up and running faster than using traditional tooling.

We cover different use cases for low-code, too, like updating legacy code, recreating more scalable extant applications, and creating scalability in what might be seemingly immovable, business-critical systems.

If your organization is looking at low-code, there are ways to test the water, like day-long jump start sessions, plus multiple online resources to absorb information and see what’s possible.

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