Ubuntu Core, IoT and systems-on-(ARM)-chips

Two top blokes from Canonical, Loic Minier & Galem Kayo, talk IIoT, system on chip and embedded Linux for all things Internet-of-Things.

3 June 2020 . 00:29:05

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 08

In this episode, we’re joined by two representatives working at Canonical, the financial entity and umbrella company behind Ubuntu. Galem Kayo and Loic Minier work at that organization’s Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu Mobile Embedded projects. With IoT and its much older cousin, IIoT, ever-present as buzzphrases at the moment alongside 5G, self-driving cars and AI, we get the lowdown on what IoT really means in a practical sense.

From early days of hobbyists putting together mobile devices and needing an OS to run on them, the Ubuntu flavor of Linux now runs on IoT devices found in installations of every type, all over the world. Modular construction of the software in a series of discrete “snaps” means that the days of having to flash updates via hardware is now a thing of history (one that your host, sadly, can remember).

Ubuntu runs a decent portion of the cloud, why not let it run connected, intelligent devices? If IT is going to embedded in everything over the next few years, better the “FOSS way” (that’s a Roman road joke, btw) than closed systems, for both security’s and privacy’s sakes. And that’s just for starters…

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