Unpicking the Marketplace’s Payments Tapestry with Payoneer

Paying out to multiple parties in multiple currencies? All in a day’s work for our guests, Payoneer and Coupang.

12 May 2022 . 00:21:01

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 05

This podcast is produced in association with Payoneer.
The back end of the average global marketplace is a complicated arena, where forex procedures sit alongside local banking, tax and import/export duties jostle for attention, and over it all, that CX element has to hit all the right notes.

In the Tech Means Business podcast today, we talk to Payoneer and one of its customers, Coupang, about navigating all that complexity while, swan-like, remaining serene as they glide across the surface.

Coupang is Korea’s biggest online marketplace, a company that lives and breathes multiple international suppliers, and serves a switched-on, discerning customer base. Gerald Hoe from Coupang shares his insights into how his outfit needs to operate with agility and an ability to scale, and how Payoneer helps him do just that.

Payoneer — the global payments platform — is represented on the ‘cast by Nagesh Devata. He tells us how the company acts as the missing link between companies like Coupang and the networks of buyers, sellers and third-parties. All the actors need money and goods moved quickly to and from each other, over borders, tax jurisdictions and in accordance with other bits of data governance and virtual red tape.

More than a mere neo-bank, Payoneer is behind some of the world’s biggest brands: Airbnb and Walmart, to name just a couple. The company’s boots-on-the-ground in dozens of countries means international trade just got a whole lot simpler.

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