Getting the Edge on Data Center Efficiency

In this episode we’re looking at Dell’s PowerEdge server range, the hardware designed for cloud, edge, and high-performance workloads like AI and machine learning.

7 February 2023 . 00:18:17

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 29
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Dell Technologies

As the world digitizes at breakneck speed, companies and organizations are under pressure not only to produce products & services of high quality but also to do so efficiently and in ecologically-sound ways.

The new Dell PowerEdge server range produces the type of compute built for accelerating digital transformation but does it power-efficiently. Even the manufacturing and design of the range have been considered for their ecological impact, and the new PowerEdge portfolio offers impressive power consumption to processing ratios.

On this episode of Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Andrew Underwood, the Field CTO for Data Centre Solutions at Dell Technologies, Asia Pacific and Japan, about the ethos behind the range’s design, AI and ML workloads, and the balance today’s enterprises have to achieve between service quality and sustainability concerns.

Edge or Cloud deployment, test environments or full production, Dell PowerEdge is the server for a new generation of efficient and cost-effective data centers.

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