Secure by Design: AMD and Dell in the DC

With much of our business data ending up in the cloud, this podcast looks at the ways that hardware manufacturers Dell and AMD are protecting information at a core level in today’s data centers.

4 April 2023 . 00:16:58

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 33
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Dell.

There are no avenues that cybersecurity bad actors won’t pursue – emails, software supply chain poisoning, networking, and hardware. For data center operators, and anyone who uses data center applications and services, keeping the systems that run in today’s DCs is of paramount importance.

In 2023, even hardware manufacturers have to be hyper-vigilant about cybersecurity. With attacks on the internal workings of microchips themselves to the memory resources of a server, there’s nowhere that’s not susceptible to attack.

In today’s episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to two household name technology vendors about how hardware can be hardened so the services running on them are more secure. Andrew Underwood from AMD and Chris Kelly from Dell talk about chips and servers that are shipped with security baked into hardware, and in Dell’s case, accompanied by advanced tools to keep its latest Power Edge Server range more secure.

Whether you’re running Kubernetes clusters or a Windows Server file share, your servers, or those in the data center you’re using need to be as resistant as possible to types of attacks that are still evolving.

Dell announces its Power Edge Server range for 2023:

AMD publishes plenty of information about its chips, and more, here:

Chris Kelly, the Senior Vice President – Data Center Solutions (APJ) at Dell, can be found on LinkedIn:

AMD’s Andrew Underwood, Director of Global Strategic Data Centre Accounts, is here:

The spectre of Joe Green lingers here: