Agents of change: the elements of high-flying CX

Even with the best omnichannel contact center in the world, there’s more to building great customer experience. In this episode, we hear from the industry body driving up CX standards.

26 June 2023 .

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 42
This podcast is produced in conjunction with RingCentral
Customer experience isn’t necessarily intangible, it’s just difficult to describe and therefore get right. Our guest today on the Tech Means Business podcast has been helping companies create world-class CX via the professional industry association he started, the ACXPA (Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association).

Justin Tippett started his career on the phones and followed a career trajectory that led him to supervisor, manager, and eventually, go-to industry consultant.

Even if your organisation is using some of the best technology in the customer contact centre, like the RingCentral omnichannel communications platform, there’s more to building brand advocates from every customer (although great tech sure helps!).

The ways your technologies integrate with one another is one aspect, as is agent training, remote working policies, contact centre camaraderie and much more. Justin helps us explode some CX myths and offers much practical advice for any company that’s looking to invest in its customer experience function.

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