Communicating the Cybersecurity Message

From early VOIP pioneer to latter-day cybersecurity expertise, we chat to Consolidated Communications about baking in security.

21 November 2022 . 00:21:30

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 22
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Consolidated Communications

Every piece of malware, every phishing email, reaches its potential victim via the network, the means by which the organization communicates internally and with the outside world. So who better to protect the company than the people who install and specialize in communications networks?

That’s the premise of this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast when we’re joined by Jonathan Magnell from Consolidated Communications, where he’s the Director of Enterprise Solution Engineering for the Western Region.

For many years, Consolidated Communications has been designing and managing communications for companies in America. It was one of the first to offer VOIP at a time when copper cables and analog comms were the norm. Now it bakes cybersecurity at the network level into communications systems for its many clients, old and new.

When we understand how networks work, we get a better understanding of how malware and ransomware work, too, and Jonathan’s background as a systems administrator gave him just that knowledge. It’s expertise he shares with Consolidated’s clients and with us at the Tech Means Business podcast.

Using higstrongindustry tooling, Consolidated Communications’ cybersecurity offering makes protection an integral part of all types of networked systems for devices, voice, and digital commerce.

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