The cloud’s been Replicated on-premise

Want all that cloud-y goodness on-premise? Perhaps your apps should be Replicated.

5 February 2021 . 00:34:25

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 14

The technology press is full of references to “stampedes to the cloud” and other assorted hyperbole. What’s undeniable is that although cloud may not be ideal for your use-case, all the latest DevOps tooling is focused towards cloud.

If you want hybrid, multi-cloud or vanilla on-premise deployments and still need all the latest and greatest K8s, and S3-styled storage, then perhaps consider Replicated.

We talk to Grant Miller about all things DevOps, cloud, optimization and how many organizations just don’t want to leap cloudwards, especially when increasingly, it’s the passport to lock-in. Security, data integrity, governance, previous investments: your reasons to keep it local may differ, but the dangers remain the same. Have you ever costed what it would take to get all those petabytes of goodness out of AWS?

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