Is privilege brokering broken? Cloud security management in 2023

How should we be re-evaluating cybersecurity in our new, cloud-centric reality of everyday work? Legacy tools don’t cut it, but then, neither do old approaches. We tackle the hybrid IT stack’s protection in this episode, with Morey Haber from BeyondTrust.

21 December 2022 . 00:24:42

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 24
This podcast is produced in conjunction with BeyondTrust.

Many of the security tools we use to protect ourselves and our organizations came into existence at a time before “the cloud” was a thing and certainly before hybrid working practices. Can we use the same tools in a different way, or do we need a new toolset? Or a whole new approach?

These questions and more are the subjects for discussion on the Tech Means Business podcast with our guest, Morey Haber, the Chief Security Officer at BeyondTrust. We talk about zero-trust, privileges and access policies, geofencing, and cloud privilege brokering.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management is a catchall term that covers policy-based access, identity management, privileged access, and much more – the full toolkit and approach that organizations migrating to the cloud need to protect themselves and their employees.

Continuous validation needn’t mean re-authenticating every time we switch to a different application or service, yet it’s still the way many cybersecurity teams think. Listen in to discover how new security methods protect better and empower users to work more efficiently.

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