Why CIOs Promote Paperless Agreements for Digital Transformation

A key area of digital transformation is agreement management. We chat to DocuSign.

13 March 2023 . 00:35:37

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 32
This podcast is produced in conjunction with DocuSign.

One of those areas of the modern enterprise that’s crying out for digital transformation has to be agreement management: the process by which organizations can do business together.

The reason why agreements are in need of some technological muscle is down to their number, and the different layers of approval typically required in participating companies. How can the IT function help speed up agreement processes, but do it safely, efficiently and in line with best practice.

We turn to the de facto digital agreement solutions┬ápeople, DocuSign, for some answers, in the form of Kartik Krishnamurphy. He’s joined in conversation with Patrick Lam of SoftwareOne, and James Cooke University’s Vijay Shreenivos: two end-user organizations with very specific requirements.

How can companies generate value from digital transformation rather than just “make things happen on technology”? Our guests on this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast have the answers.

Learn more about the CIO’s role in digital transformation and agreement management here:

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