Practical uses of AI in the enterprise business: BMC Connect events

We talk about the APAC event where the business decision-makers of the region can learn about AI on established platforms.

8 September 2023 . 00:21:59

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 48
This podcast is produced in conjunction with BMC Software.

Getting hands-on with some of the most practical and impactful technology available today is what’s on offer from BMC Software’s “BMC Connect Singapore” event, November 2nd 2023.

Ahead of the event, we discuss with Brenton Smith and Gunal Kannan from BMC what’s on the agenda, who the event’s designed for, and what attendees might learn and experience.

The challenge facing many organisations in the APAC isn’t the understanding of or realisation of the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence; rather, it’s how the technology can be put into effect to give the best business outcomes. It’s here that a company like BMC helps.

With use-case examples, keynote and inspirational speakers, workshops and demonstrations, join BMC, its customers and prospects, for a day exploring the possibilities that machine learning offers business operations.

Gunal Kannan is from the technical side of the tracks, while Brenton is more business-oriented. Together, in conversation with our host, Joe Green, we go through both the detail of the event (and others on the company’s ‘world tour’) and discuss many of the issues surrounding the emerging technology of AI in the workplace.


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