Business process automation and RPA

BPM notation, development and process automation are all integral parts of enterprise IT today. Jakob Freund of Camunda talks to Tech Means Business.

30 April 2020 . 00:26:19

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 06

Mapping business processes and then developing software to suit those processes: that’s the ethos behind the open-source Camunda platform, which can be extended further by paid-for proprietary functionality.

Low-code, loadsa code and no-code development, robotic process automation, the cloud and the ways that companies are connecting and automating their legacy and new systems are just some of the subjects we touch on, as Jakob talks us through definitions and ways of approaching so-called “digital” transformation.

From the enviable position of always being profitable since start-up, Camunda’s platform is found in many of the world’s most well-known organizations.

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