Best of Series 1

The big roundup of some of the strands of Series One, with a look forward to Series Two

10 July 2020 . 00:19:23

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 10

Looking back at Series One of the Tech Means Business podcast.

Rather than go through and ferret out the most pithy comments, the deepest insights, or even the best jokes, instead, we’re recircling around to pull in the main themes dominating business and technology:

Artificial intelligence with Darktrace
Big data and Splunk
IoT with Ubuntu/Canonical
The Linux effect with Positive Internet
Career paths, with DocuSign

Thanks go to the people I spoke with, and who featured on the episodes that aren’t featured here. It was literally through lack of time that has meant this “best of” show is necessarily limited in scope.

Series two already shaping up nicely: MasterCard, Red Hat, ARM, SuperMicro, and plenty more. Watch this space!

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