Future-proofing your business with secure IT practices

Docusign and Okta’s perspective on digital safety, with specific reference to person and machine identity’s role in protecting agreements, documents, and digital workflows.

30 August 2023 . 00:19:55

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 46
This podcast is produced in conjunction with DocuSign.

Today’s wide-reaching discussion covers such ground as zero-trust security and changes in authentication methods, plus protecting the agreements and contracts at the heart of most organizations today.

We chat to the CIO of DocuSign, Shanthi Iyer, about how her company protects itself and its cloud infrastructure, plus the ways that security policies baked into the DocuSign platform help its users rest safer in the knowledge that their IP (intellectual property) is properly overseen.

Brett Winterford, Regional CISO for APJ, represents long-time DocuSign partner Okta. Brett talks about security methods and current thinking and how different elements of a machine or person’s identity can inform security systems constantly about the ongoing threat levels that any company faces.

There’s plenty to take in and learn from these two industry stalwarts, each with a specific position on the trust that organizations today give, how to stay safe and protect assets, and what role governments can play in guiding all of us.

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