Giving full-stack observability its business mojo with AppDynamics

Making the change from simple networking monitoring to a business focus on full-stack observability. We talk CX from the sys admin’s PoV with AppDynamics.

11 October 2022 . 00:23:08

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 18

This podcast is produced in conjunction with AppDynamics.

The full IT stack has become highly complex in recent years, and parsing logfiles and relying on the nmaps of this world just don’t cut it any more. Getting full visibility into everything that’s going on everywhere (including use of cloud services) is a tall order, especially when finding sys admins and cybersecurity pros with the required skills is getting…expensive.

Our guest on the Tech Means Business podcast, Abhilash Purushothaman talks about how the AppDynamics platform not only gives 100% visibility down to the packet level, but also quantifies what it sees with reference to expected performance. That’s the sort of insight that helps companies see where their customers’ experiences are less than perfect.

We discuss prioritizing those findings in terms of what the business needs, rather than forcing overworked IT staff to jump at every red flag. That puts the IT team’s focus on maintaining the quality of service that end-users demand, and, as Abhi puts it, stops a slow system being today’s equivalent of a down system.

The platform also pulls metrics from an organization’s competitors’ offerings, so any application or service can be judged against those alternatives to your offerings that are – unfortunately, perhaps – just a screen tap away.

Full stack observability just got its business mojo!

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