Putting AI into IT Operations in 2021

In conversation with Jayanti Murty of Digitate about selling AI into IT teams.

22 February 2021 . 00:19:56

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 15

IT professionals have thick skins that deflects most marketing, especially when it comes to AI. After all, your phone apparently uses AI to frame the perfect picture (really?) and your TV knows and adapts to your taste in viewing thanks to “advanced machine learning” (nope).

So selling AI into ITops must be an uphill struggle. But with the right message and — most importantly — demonstrable use-cases and proof, that’s just what Digitate does. Jayanti Murti talks to us about perceptions of AI, the verticals most ready to adopt, and how machine-speed iterative algorithms actually improve the daily lives of IT staff.

Digitate launched in 2015, and was built by software engineers and more PhDs than you ever expect to see in a single room at any one time. A platform that’s “made its bones”, then, but we still have questions!

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