AI in cybersecurity, with Darktrace and Antigena

With bad actors having access to badness-as-a-service, the dark web and an environment when anyone can be a script kiddie, what hopes do cybersecurity teams have? Is AI the answer?

27 March 2020 . 00:24:55

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 03

Pronounced “Auntie Gina” — which makes it sound really rather cuddly — how can an AI engine hope to protect an organization? We talk to Darktrace’s Mariana Pereira about clever computer brains, learning what’s normal on a network, and how computers are starting to mimic email threads.

While no cybersecurity platform ensures 100 percent safety, anything’s better than seeing cybersecurity personnel sprint down the corridor to try and yank ethernet cables out of a patch panel before a malware instance spreads. Tales from the frontline: pin back your ears!

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