Managing Risk with your Managed Service Provider

After the publication of the ACSC’s Essential Eight, how should organisations react? Risk is an everyday occurrence for any company online, and we discuss the best responses with ConnectWise’s Leon Friend.

21 June 2023 . 00:17:17

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 41
This podcast is produced in conjunction with ConnectWise

When companies use the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for their IT needs, they’re handing over a good part of responsibility for their cybersecurity too.

But the importance of protection online means that it’s still incumbent on the owner of any data (including intellectual property) to ensure they’re as safe as they can be. Today’s guest on the Tech Means Business podcast argues the case for a high degree of cybersecurity awareness, regardless of whether there’s an MSP in the picture.

“It’s all about your appetite for risk,” says Leon Friend of ConnectWise, whose company helps MSPs deliver the best possible cybersecurity for their clients, educating and informing about the best ways to protect multiple targets.

In the context of the ACSC’s Essential Eight, we talk about cyber insurance, the chancers of the hacking world, script kiddies and the rise in sophisticated hacking methods now available to anyone with half an interest in an illicit income.

Whether you run an MSP or just want to learn about the best approaches to protecting an organisation, this episode of TMB is essential listening.

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