Murena 2: the smartphone for data security

Google harvests an unbelievable amount of smartphone users' data. That should scare you into making the switch.
6 October 2023

• Data privacy is critical for modern businesses.
• However, most smartphone vendors are able to collect and sell the data hold on your phone.
• Murena offers a “de-Googled” smartphone to improve your sata security.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (and who could blame you?), you know how important data privacy is. Smartphone companies know that you know, so they spend millions of dollars on advertizing campaigns exhorting just how secure their devices are, so that what you know includes the notion that you can trust their devices.

That’s a complete illusion.

Independent research has proven as much.

The multibillion-dollar industry of micro-targeting is incentive enough for all of the data your smartphone holds to be collected and sold, privacy concerns or not.

Sleep well.

Not only is personal privacy of the upmost importance, but the intellectual property and data of your business should be too. That’s where Murena comes in with a new offering that’s affordable and private.

Data privacy at the push of a button

Offering unparalleled levels of privacy and peace of mind, Murena 2 is made unique by its physical privacy and do not disturb switches. The privacy switch on the side of the phone can be pressed to instantly disable the camera and microphone on the device – and you just press it again to reactive them when you need them.

Data privacy can be yours at the push of a button on the Murena 2.

Security at the push of a button with Murena 2. Via

Going to the effort of opening settings and disabling those features manually is often more trouble than many can be bothered to take, particularly in a fast-paced business environment.

Sometimes, productivity means being unreachable for a few hours. A second button on the device – the disconnection switch – disables all network activity and silences all sounds and notifications. Users have the power and satisfaction of physically hitting a ‘do not disturb’ button to create a distraction-free environment.

Data privacy via a secure operating system

Today, 98% of the commonly used smartphones present a serious risk for data privacy. Almost every function collects user data; every action is logged in the background to catch personal data and create a personal digital profile to sell to the highest bidder.

That means that not only is the data collected privately, but once your profile has been built – detailing your working patterns, productivity, most important contacts – you have no control over who buys it, and that’s if you’re aware it’s being sold in the first place.

On a typical day, your smartphone sends data to Google servers thousands of times. On an Android smartphone, this happens 90 times every hour (although when the phone’s not in use this drops to around 40). On an iPhone, it’s 51 times an hour.

That means that up to 11.6MB of data is collected daily. If providers aren’t transparent about this, can you trust what they do with it?

Data privacy built in? The Murena 2 aims to "De-Google" your smartphone experience.

“De-Googling” the smartphone experience.

Murena’s a data-privacy-by-design brand, which means it installs a privacy-oriented, open-source fork of Android called /e/OS. /e/OS also has unique, customizable features, including Advanced Privacy, which users can enable to block all trackers in installed apps. /e/OS users can also fake their location or hide their real IP address for maximum protection.

Sometimes, the more data-secure option is unappealing; staffers don’t want to learn how to use a second device for work. Luckily, /e/OS is almost identical to Google’s Android OS, so users are already familiar with how it works.

Plus, users can search and install any Android application on the Play Store alternative ‘App Lounge,’ as well as open source applications and progressive web apps that wouldn’t usually be available. The OS lets you run any Android app by default; privacy isn’t traded for usability.

Murena Cloud provides a full suite of pro-privacy software and tools, including an email account, calendar, cloud storage and more.

A privacy-focused phone perfect for businesses

Gaël Duval, CEO of Murena said “The average smartphone user finds data privacy overly technical and complicated, there are too many different settings in Android and even locking down all privacy settings on a Google Android phone will not stop user data being collected, as it’s embedded into the OS code.”

“There is no technical expertise required – privacy on the Murena 2 is by design.”

Murena is launching a Kickstarter campaign to launch this second flagship device. The hardware has been updated since Murena One: RAM is doubled to 8GB. Other specs include a 6.43″ high-resolution display, 128GB of storage capacity, a 2.1GHz octa-core processor, and 4000mAh battery. The camera has also been upgraded, with a 25mp front ‘selfie’ camera and a rear triple camera (5mp, 13mp, 64mp) for stunning photographs.

The Murena 2 has data privacy literally built in.

A look at the new privacy-first smartphone from Murena.

The Murena 2 global crowdfunding campaign is now open, to anyone regardless of their location, on Kickstarter.

To UK customers the phone will retail at £429 but the first Kickstarter supporters will benefit from up to 50% off the retail price.

Early backers should receive a device in December 2023 in the UK, Europe, Canada and the US, with the official public launch planned for early 2024.

Learn more about Murena 2 and order yours here.

How safe is your smartphone data? Really?