Beyond KYC: Financial risk and compliance specialists’ UK event

22 September 2023

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  • Governance, risk and compliance event 2024.
  • C-Suite level exclusive invites.
  • Keynotes, networking, breakouts and shred experiences.

Like every technology area in 2023, financial risk, compliance standards, measures, and tools are always changing. Unlike other areas, however, the stakes are higher in the financial sector – monetary and reputational.

Responsibility for compliance and cybersecurity falls to key individuals in financial institutions, skilled professionals who have to balance best practice with competitiveness, user experience with security, and always remain within the bounds of legislation and international data governance.

Therefore, it’s a big ask for senior leaders to keep on top of the latest criminal mindset, technological defences, proposed changes to international regulations, and be abreast of sector-specific information. Governance, risk and compliance is a large field, with much to keep up with.

For two days in 2024, however, senior leaders in financial compliance and risk are meeting to share their experiences, learn, and hear from industry leaders in the financial sector. The FRC Leaders’ Convention UK 2024 is designed for information sharing, problem-solving, and absorbing relevant compliance and security information on methods, tools and practices.

Governance risk and compliance event

There are, of course, many industry events from which FRC leaders can gain some insights. But on the whole, these have a wider focus: regulatory compliance relevant to multiple industries, for example, or the broad gamut of cybersecurity measures available to enterprise organisations. The FRC Leaders’ Convention is different: it’s concentrated information and discussion, comprising two tracks of compliance functions and financial crime.

It’s a leadership-level event where known individuals in the sector will be on hand to explore issues that affect everyone but only a few are responsible for. Decision-making at this level is complex and time-consuming, with potentially huge ramifications. It’s important, therefore, to prioritise events that will supply relevant opportunities and learnings.

The organisers receive hundreds of applications to attend, but the event is limited to 200 attendees. That makes it one of the more sought after-ticket in the Financial Risk & Compliance world!

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The two-day event at the Celtic Manor Hotel & Resort in Monmouthshire, UK, (March 18, 19) is a meeting of the FRC community in a pleasant setting, where there’s no hard sell nor weighted sales-led agenda. Speakers and meeting chairs are all from the industry and represent large institutions or well-known technology providers that can bring their unique perspectives to a wider yet knowledgeable audience of fellow professionals.

There are opportunities to network, chat over drinks, form informal huddles and talk to your peers from across these specialist business functions.

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As you might expect from the rest of this website, Tech HQ‘s interest in the latest and safest new technologies gets an honourable mention here: attendees can hear about using machine learning in KYC, risk management software platforms, secure hardware, cryptography and cryptocurrency platforms. Our journalists will be reporting on some of the key insights the event promises, but as an FRC professional, there’s little substitute for actually being there in person.

Attending organisations will include tier 1 and 2 banks, asset companies, insurance and property businesses, utilities leaders and international telecomms representatives. Chosen leaders will feature in panel discussions, roundtables, keynote speakers, and, we hope, many dozens of more informal meetings and networking opportunities.

“I’m very much looking forward to sharing my opinions with Heads of financial crime and compliance at the FRC Leaders’ Convention. Discussing the wider issues with like minded people can assist with connecting dots and there’s always new information to pick up that I find invaluable.”
Howard Rawstron, Head of Economic Crime Risk Management Framework Team, RISK FUNCTION, LLOYDS BANKING GROUP
To learn more about the FRC Leaders’ Convention UK 2024, follow this link.