The Digital Transformation Conference 2023

Ahead of the Digital Transformation Conference, here's what we're excited to see at the event - and your chance to get a ticket, too.
10 May 2023

This Thursday, May 11, we are attending the Digital Transformation Conference in London. If you’ve not had the good sense to get a ticket (available here), follow our coverage for the insights on offer: best practices, solutions, and more on enterprise digital transformation, innovation, and strategy.

There are over 25 speakers attending the event, sharing their industry-specific knowledge with proven business success, providing actionable insights. Included in the line up is Aruj Haider, the Chief Digital and Innovation Officer for Westminster City Council. We’ll also hear from HSBC’s Head of Digital Platform Enablement, George Charalambous.

We could more or less sum up TechHQ’s interests by looking at the topics set to be covered at the Digital Transformation Conference. If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s the rundown:

Digital transformation journey

Enterprise leaders will share insights into their digital transformation journeys, and what contributed to the success of that transformation, giving an understanding of how to roadmap your own digital transformation journey and outlining challenges that might arise, and their solutions.

Emerging trends

Changing business priorities make following what can be business critical decisions more difficult as priorities evolve. Hear from those at the forefront of digital innovation what the key trends and areas of transformation that CIOs, IT leaders and Transformation Experts are looking to implement.

Digital workplaces

We’re always saying it: the post-pandemic workplace has been digitized. It’s therefore a huge focus for enterprise, so it’s critical to understand which digital tools, technologies and thinking should be in place to ensure a coherent and harmonious digital workplace.

People, culture, and leadership

This is possibly the most integral part of a successful digital transformation in any organization. Talks at the event will help you understand how to become digital first, whether you need to be agile, the right culture for your organization, and how to instil a culture of innovation.

Process and strategy

Do you know the recipe for digital transformation success? If you did, you’d probably be presenting alongside the other experts at the conference. Hear what strategies and processes are in place in some of the most successful organizations, including the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Technology and tools

With so many services on offer, finding the right solution for your business can be complicated. To better navigate the complex landscape, understanding the tools and tech needed to succeed in the transformation effort. Plus, hearing someone vouch for a service is probably more effective than marketing chain mail.

The huge range of attendees (we won’t list them, but head over to the conference website to view one) means cross-industry perspectives and, of course, networking opportunities galore. Of course, we can’t network for you, so grab yourself a ticket!