Kickstart Europe 2023

Authoritative data and expert speakers? We're in.
14 February 2023
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If you want to kickstart your year by finding out where the smart money’s going in the digital infrastructure over the next twelve months – you’re going to want to be at Kickstart Europe 2023.

Between February 20-21, the conference will unite the world of cloud, connectivity and data center operators with its ecosystem of investors, suppliers, developers, designers, consultants, and many more to discuss the latest trends and investments that are set to be big across the rest of 2023.

The power of delivery.

It’s true that lots of conferences promise to leave you rich with insight on the year ahead, the trends that will be meaningful, and the wisdom of the real movers and shakers. But Kickstart Europe does the crucial thing that puts it head and shoulders above the rest – it delivers on those promises with actionable insights, so you can really put what you learn to use in your business for the rest of the year.

With everyone from Schneider Electric to Huawei, and from Dell Technology to CapGemini to name just a handful, in attendance, Kickstart Europe brings hardcore business savvy and impressive digital infrastructure together under one roof – the roof of the Amsterdam RAI Center – to set the direction of travel for the rest of the technology and digital infrastructure year.

In particular, the data center world is spoilt for choice at Kickstart Europe this year, with presentations from:

  • Arno Uiterweerd – Managing Director, Unica Datacenters
  • John Dunkley – Business Development Manager Data Center, WATTS
  • Eric Barentsen – Senior Policy Officer, Dutch Data Center Association
  • Andreas Herden – Senior VP Germany & Continental Europe, Green Mountain Data Centers
  • Alastair Waite – Data Centre Market Development, Commscope
  • Holly Garcia – Vice President Data Centers, Panduit

And more.

But the conference knows how to feed the rest of the industry with vital data too, which is why it’s bringing speakers from Microsoft, Schneider, Fujifilm, Eversheds Sutherland and a host of other leading companies together, delivering viewpoints from across the digital infrastructure landscape.

Focus or breadth – either way, you win.

That means you can focus on your own specific area of expertise, or develop a broad insight of the whole ecosystem – which you’ll only get at Kickstart Europe.

And you know the truth – knowledge is power, and data-driven decision-making wins out over blind instinct 100% of the time. So Kickstart Europe is a conference with the crucial difference that it helps empower those who attend it with potentially business-critical insight into the trends and markets to watch across the rest of 2023.

If you’re attending the event in person, you get to find out first-hand all the information you need to set you straight on digital infrastructure trends, data center developments, cloud technologies and the connectivity challenges and opportunities that 2023 is likely to bring. Plus you get to network with some of the leading people in the various industries within the world of digital infrastructure.

You’ll also have the chance to meet our reporter – by all means, come and say hello. We’re there to network too.

Though the clock is ticking, there’s still time to join Europe’s premier annual strategy and networking conference in the tech and digital infrastructure space – just go to and book your place today. Or if you need more information before you book, will give you a full run-down of every speaker, and every company that you can expect to hear and network with at this year’s event.

The Tech HQ difference.

But if you have to miss Kickstart Europe in person this year, you don’t need to panic.

Tech HQ is proud to announce that this year, it’s on board with Kickstart Europe as one of a select handful of media partners.

What does that mean? It means if you can’t make the event yourself, you don’t need to panic – we’ll be there, asking the questions you want answered, attending as many presentations as possible, tweeting live, and writing up both talks and interviews, to get you as close to the event as can be, without you actually flying to Amsterdam.

That means you’ll get a feel for both the trends and data revealed at Kickstart Europe, and interview and presentation content both during and after the event, right here on the Tech HQ website.

Can we promise to replicate the experience of really being there? Hardly – it’s in Amsterdam, and we’re good, but we can’t compete with that kind of cool. And we also can’t get you in the room to exchange business cards with all the people who’d potentially change the life and trajectory of the business. For that, you need a plane, a ticket and a hotel stay.

But we can promise we’ll be doing our best to keep you updated with all the digital infrastructure content you need from the conference – and we’ll deliver you some in-depth interviews and presentation reporting in the wake of the event too, so if you can’t make it to Amsterdam, we’ve got you almost – if not quite – as covered as you’d be if you went in person.

Kickstart Europe 2023 – 20-21 February.