Taming unstructured data challenges for autonomous vehicles

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is the platform of choice for companies tackling the most challenging machine-generated unstructured data requirements.
18 April 2022


According to most estimates, unstructured data will account for 80% of all data in the next two to three years. It’s leading many organizations to wonder if they’re even ready for the unstructured data explosionUnstructured data represents a vast untapped resource for organizations that have the tools to extract its value.

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, one of the most important processes in understanding the massive amounts of data being generated and used. Both autonomous vehicles and robots rely heavily on data to function, with artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling the processes to work seamlessly.

However, when it comes to unstructured data, there are challenges in making the most out of it. And these challenges could hinder the decision-making process of both autonomous vehicles and even autonomous mobility robots. To deal with this, Pure Storage is now empowering autonomous travel solutions to meet the highly parallel, multi-dimensional performance demands of modern unstructured data.

For autonomous vehicles and autonomous robots, unstructured data is key to enabling innovation, especially in training AI and machine learning to accelerate time-to-market.

With more than ten of the leading autonomous vehicle software development companies relying on it, Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is the platform of choice for companies tackling the most challenging machine-generated unstructured data requirements.

The platform allows organizations to satisfy the demands of modern applications and unstructured data with a flexible, unified fast file and object platform while enabling simple, non-disruptive IT operations, delivering outstanding performance, while increasing efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

For autonomous vehicles, the platform enables them to store autopilot engineering data and enhance workflows. This includes a major ride-share company is using FlashBlade to take a new approach to training its automated vehicle systems. Rather than using real videos of cars on the road to train its AV, it will store images from games to simulate city streets. The platform powers this pilot program as the company grows its footprint across other cities.

Apart from that, a robotics company that develops autonomous driverless delivery vehicles is leveraging the platform’s simple design, ease of use, and unequaled reliability to help the company scale while storing the critical data that powers its autonomous vehicles.

At the same time, a leading electric vehicle company with one of the most demanding workflows from an engineering perspective is housing critical engineering data on the platform to improve response time, to scale, and to drive faster time to market, while reducing overall rack space utilization.

Pure is a vendor of choice within this industry because it has engineered the most advanced all-flash storage solution for consolidating data; modernizing storage in a way that fosters scalability and enhances performance. FlashBlade increases productivity by reducing latency, and by providing a significant reduction in rack space consumption, organizations are also able to reduce their space, power, and cooling costs.