Huawei’s MacroVerse will upskill developers with what they really need

Huawei's MacroVerse is an all-new application platform as a service that tailors innovation to industry scenarios with on-demand access to expertise.
27 September 2021

From limiting sales to a complete ban — the US is set to cripple Huawei further (Photo by Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP)

  • Huawei’s MacroVerse is an all-new application platform as a service (aPaaS)
  • Huawei invests US$200 million to upgrade cloud developer program
  • The MacroVerse aPaaS will also enable Huawei Mobile Services to provide aggregated capabilities

Organizations are investing a lot to upskill their employees, especially their developers and IT teams, as they focus on their digital transformation goals. When it comes to cloud adoption, having the right amount of talent in working with the technology is crucial today. Despite the agility and ease of management that the cloud claims to offer, developers still need to upskill themselves when working in that environment, especially as cloud-based innovations continuing to pour in.

Today, large cloud providers not only continue to advocate the importance of running cloud applications, but also want to participate in a shared cloud ecosystem of developers, tailored to understand their individual pain points and make things simpler for them. The promotional spiel of all cloud providers is that they claim to listen to developers and clients, to supply them with what they want. But how many cloud companies actually give them what they need?

Realizing the need for developers to upskill, plus have better access to new technologies as well as understanding in embracing the latest innovations, Huawei Cloud has introduced the MacroVerse, an all-new application platform as a service (aPaaS), that tailors innovations according to industry scenarios with on-demand access to expertise.

Speaking at the Huawei Connect 2021 Summit in Shenzen, China, Huawei’s President of Global Cloud Ecosystem Kang Ning said Huawei Cloud aspires to become the cloud foundation of the intelligent world. “With our industry partners, we build and share in the MacroVerse aPaaS platform. Coupled with a Marketplace for enterprise application distribution, this platform will aggregate applications from all industries and unlock business potential, while serving tens of millions of developers,” said Kang in his keynote address.

The Huawei Cloud MacroVerse will provide more than 50 scenario-specific cloud services, 128 Kits, and over 20,000 APIs in nine vertical markets, including industrial, automobile, retail, healthcare, interactive media, and news.

Huawei revealed its plans to grow its partner and developer ecosystem in the following areas:

  • Creating a powerful developer toolchain to boost developer experience and productivity, thanks to enhanced IDE and no-code/low-code collaboration.
  • Create a brand-new aPaaS platform that hosts cloud services that represent the expertise shared by Huawei and its partners.
  • Transformation to the cloud and SaaS is accelerated by aggregating SaaS partner applications from different industries and supporting them E2E with funding and technology.
  • Create a Marketplace to distribute enterprise applications that deliver the ultimate experience to both sellers and buyers.

(Source – Huawei)

The need to upskill the developer platform

In providing organizations and developers what they need, Huawei Cloud also announced a US$200 million investment in 2022 to revamp its cloud developer program.

Huawei plans to offer an updated scope that covers any real-name authenticated enterprise developer, college developer, or individual developer. They also plan to upgrade their services by adding developer knowledge base and dedicated technical support channels. This will enable any development issue to be addressed within 12 hours, and resolved in 48 hours. Dev support engineers at over a hundred Huawei Cloud innovation centers worldwide will be able to support developers face-to-face.

Huawei will offer upgraded benefits that include privileged access to discounted cloud resources, tickets to developer events, training courses, certification exam vouchers, and more. Huawei will offer a host of certifications including cloud-native, AI, big data, mobile development, and IoT.

For Fang Guowei, director of Cloud Portfolio Management of Huawei, who announced the MacroVerse aPaaS platform, as industries dive deeper into digital transformation — Huawei Cloud only wishes to accelerate this trend.

“MacroVerse aPaaS is a platform for all industries. With developers at its core, this one-stop, open platform aggregates capabilities from our partners from a wide range of industries and offers expertise as a service, empowering industry scenario-tailored innovation,” he said.

Easing the development of mobile services

The MacroVerse aPaaS will also enable Huawei Mobile Services to provide aggregated capabilities from domains as disparate as finance, e-commerce, interactive media, car travel, healthcare, and more.

For example in the finance industry, MacroVerse aPaaS aims to provide better security and privacy, enhanced experiences, and AI innovation. For e-commerce, Huawei’s message push, AI, and AR capabilities will give developers personalization functions while streamlining interactions on the platform.

Meanwhile, for car travel, Huawei provides maps and navigation, occupant safety, and an IoV content ecosystem. Huawei Cloud is also working with Sinohealth to provide end-to-end digital capabilities for the pharmaceutical sectpr, from R&D right up to production and retail.

Soon, Huawei Cloud is expected to focus MacroVerse aPaaS on the industrial Internet, industrial software, city governance, public utilities, and Internet services. They are inviting partners from across industries to be part of the MacroVerse aPaaS program.

Compared to Asia, Huawei has received mixed reactions in Europe and the Americas. However, things may just be starting to take a turn as the company hopes its latest offerings may just give developers the tools they need to deliver what’s best for an array of industries today.