Is 5G Network-as-a-Service the answer to making better business decisions?

With businesses looking to leverage 5G strengths, NTT's 5G Network-as-a-Service may just give organizations the flexibility they desire.
13 August 2021

As countries around the world continue to work on rolling out 5G network infrastructure, organizations are beginning to test use cases using 5G, with many planning to implement it into their business once networks are fully capable of supporting them.

Globally, the 5G services market is expected to reach beyond US$249.2 billion by 2026. The 5G ecosystem is also expected to experience a faster rate of growth by up to four times, compared to any other connectivity transformations. Rapid innovations in virtualization as well as the increasing number of 5G applications are pushing the boundaries of this.

Some countries expected to see rapid adoption of 5G services include the US, China, South Korea, Japan, the UK, and Germany — that is, until the coronavirus heavily altered rollout plans. Countries with strong 4G infrastructure and with agile connectivity platforms in IoT are expected to be early deployers in harnessing 5G-enabled appkications.

With increasing IoT use cases in various industries, 5G is looking to enable massive IoT use cases, whereby the network can support larger rollouts of intelligent IoT nodes for multiple scenarios. At the same time, 5G will also provide a competent platform to support the takeup of critical communications services. The widespread adoption of IoT along with continuing advancements in machine-to-machine communication networks are transforming various verticals by connecting all types of devices, appliances, systems, and services.

As such, business leaders will need to have the right tools with them, especially when it comes to making decisions on how they can best adapt 5G use cases to their business, while still managing their expenditure overheads.


To help businesses make the most of 5G, NTT’s Private 5G Platform (P5G) is the first globally available, private LTE/5G Network-as-a-Service platform that aims to help business leaders leverage the benefits of private 5G to solve business problems and innovate to keep pace with the future of enterprises.

NTT P5G leverages design thinking principles to integrate security, control, and privacy by design, providing performance and cost benefits with a clear ROI. Running on cloud-native architecture, the platform can be delivered via the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. The platform is pre-integrated with leading network and software partners, allowing enterprises to securely scale and segment their network flexibly. With patent-pending ‘MicroSlicing’ technology, NTT P5G allows mission-critical apps to leverage the advantages of private 5G.

According to Shahid Ahmed, NTT Ltd. EVP New Ventures and Innovation, “Global enterprises are looking for a single private 5G solution to deploy across multiple countries. They need one truly private network, one point of accountability, one management platform, and one solution partner that eliminates all the major friction points across the entire global footprint of the enterprise.”

“As data and mobility become more critical to business operations, 5G will enable enterprises to reinvent business operations. With faster speeds and more data, 5G will facilitate advances in artificial intelligence, automation, and IoT,” said Eric Clark, NTT Data Services North America Chief Digital and Strategy Officer.

Some of the industries the 5G network would effectively transform include automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.